5 Skincare Questions: 1 Answer

May 24, 2015

Imagine there was an ingredient that was clinically proven to improve:

skin texture
control pigmentation
minimise wrinkles
protect against skin cancer

This clinically proven vitamin is the answer to your skincare questions.


Q1: Which vitamin reverses signs of photoageing like wrinkles and pigmentation?
A: Vitamin A

Q2: Which vitamin stops collagen being degraded by UV rays, thus improving elasticity?
A: Vitamin A

Q3: Which vitamin improves the skin’s top layer, protecting it against environmental pollution?
A: Vitamin A

Q4: Which vitamin is deficient in 95% of women’s diets?
A: Vitamin A

Q5: Which supplement should you add to your skincare regime?
A: Vitamin A

Research shows that vitamin A isn’t just beneficial to skin, it’s essential*

Skin Vit A from Advanced Nutrition Programme (available at Rejuvenate Me) is an oral skincare supplement containing optimum levels in a form that’s easily absorbed. By taking vitamin A internally you nourish the skin over your whole body, not just where you apply creams.

Feeding inside and out
To get maximum results from your skincare regime, feed skin internally with vitamin A as well as applying topically with skincare creams such as Environ AVST or Environ C-Quence

* Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2000: 114: 480-6

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