Top Skin Safety Tips for Runners

The quintess­ential runner is ingrained in our minds as wearing a very thin, porous “uniform” consisting of a tank top and shorts. This makes for breathability and little environmental resistance due to the seeming lack of coverage. That said, with the exposure of one’s skin in this scenario, the subjection of damage due to harmful    – Go To Page

5 Ways to Improve Mental Health

Mental health is incredibly vital to overall well-being.  The give steps presented her can make putting mental health first a breeze. Accept Yourself Stop focusing on what can be ‘fixed’. The constant feeling of having to change can really do a number on overall mental health.  The key to self-acceptance is for individuals to acknowledge    – Go To Page

Retinol: The hero skincare ingredient that everyone’s talking about

Wrinkles? Acne? Pigmentation? There isn’t a single bugbear retinol can’t fix. There’s no quick fix for skin concerns, but retinol is as close as it gets to delivering transformative results. The anti-ageing ingredient could be the solution to many of your skincare woes and has been the ethos behind the Environ Skincare brand. What is    – Go To Page

The Magic of Vitamin D

NICE is finally supporting the advice that Environ founder, Dr Des Fernandes, has been giving for years.  Their aim is to encourage people to modify their behaviour, reduce deaths from skin cancer and, notably, to reduce diseases from vitamin D deficiency caused by lack of UV exposure. Dr Des Fernandes says: We used to live    – Go To Page

5 Skincare Questions: 1 Answer

Imagine there was an ingredient that was clinically proven to improve: skin texture control pigmentation minimise wrinkles protect against skin cancer This clinically proven vitamin is the answer to your skincare questions. Q1: Which vitamin reverses signs of photoageing like wrinkles and pigmentation? A: Vitamin A Q2: Which vitamin stops collagen being degraded by UV    – Go To Page

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