Holistic Treatments

HOPI Ear Candling: 45 mins @ £35

Ear Candling

An ancient form of therapy practised by many people on a worldwide basis. The warmth of the smoke helps to soften wax and
the movement of the flame creates a vibration of air, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. This induces a feeling of warm and balance of pressure in the ear, forehead and sinuses. The treatment also includes a gentle face massage to aid lymphatic and sinus drainage.

A gentle, yet effective therapy which is an ideal way to relieve conditions that can affect us on a daily basis such as:

  • balance problems
  • blocked tear ducts
  • colds & flu
  • compacted ear wax
  • ear aches
  • excessive ear wax
  • glue ear
  • hay fever/allergic rhinitis
  • headaches
  • hearing difficulties
  • labyrinthitis
  • meniere’s disease
  • neuralgia
  • obstructive sleep apnoea
  • pressure changes (flying/diving etc.)
  • sinus problems
  • snoring
  • sore throats
  • stress reduction
  • stimulating energy flow
  • swimmers ear
  • TMJ syndrome
  • tense neck muscles
  • tinnitus
  • vertigo

Reflexology: 45 mins @ £35


Works on the theory that the human body comprises 10 zones and pressure points on the feet/hands relate to the various organs of the body within designated zones

By applying pressure to one part of the foot, the reflexologist aims to benefit not only the feet, but also the rest of the body. Relieves stress and tension, improves circulation through nerve and blood supply and helps to achieve normal functioning level.

If you have a specific condition, then ideally one or two sessions per week over 5 or 6 weeks is ideal to give your body a chance to really work on the issue. If you just want maintenance of good health, then fortnightly or three weekly treatments are ideal,

Shirodhara: 45 mins @ £50


Our favourite treatment to have!!

Shirodhara is the signature treatment of Ayurveda which simply means:

  • Shiro: head
  • Dhara: to flow

Warm herb-infused Ayurvedic oil is gently and steadily poured over the forehead across the 3rd Eye in a continuous stream using a special rhythmic swaying movement.


  • Regulates the hormonal system by working on the Chakras
  • Helps to soothe the nervous system
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system by inducing a state of deep meditation and relaxation
  • Gives a sense of deep relaxation
  • Awakens the 3rd Eye
  • Invigorates the physical system and mind
  • Stimulates cognitive memory



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