Lash & Brow Treatments

Eye & Brow Lift: 30 minutes @ £30

Eye & Brows


Transform and revitalise tired looking eyes with awakening effects. Purely concentrating on the upper and lower eye area. Lifting and toning to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fluid retention, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Includes Eye Contour mesotherapy. See the incredible results yourself

Lash & Brow Tinting: from £8

Lash & Brow Tinting

  • Brows: £8
  • Lashes: £12
  • Both: £18

Lash Lift: 60 mins @ £45

Natural Lash Enhancements without the Extensions

Lash Lift

Creates Length, Volume and Lift that lengthens your own natural eyelashes without using extensions. It creates a wide-eyed, younger look.

This completely new technique uses a radical, new silicone shield to lift the lashes from the roots. The result is breath-taking lashes and wide, sparkly eyes.

An lash lift treatment can last on some people up to 12 weeks, but more usually around 6-8 weeks depending on your own lash life cycle. This is due to the fact that everyone’s lashes can grow at different rates.

The Facts:

  • Kasts between 6-8 weeks – the natural life cycle of an eyelash
  • Lifts eyelashes from the root, resulting in amazing lashes and sparkly eyes
  • Does not harm fine hair of lashes
  • No eyelash adhesive
  • No mascara needed
  • No eyelash extensions needed
  • Offers an anti-ageing effect – brightening and lifting the eye area


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