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Environ® Skin Care

Environ Skin Care

Environ® Skin Care achieves outstanding results for people who are serious about skin. Formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, the range contains a unique combination of active ingredients to protect and nourish. The clinically-tested formulations are packed with powerful antioxidants and active vitamins to help improve the appearance of lines, sun-damage, problem    – Go To Page

iCon Ultralift™

A new dimension in non surgical technology, backed by on-going research and development. Our innovative technology for both face and body promoting preventative, toning and age reversal treatments with outstanding results. This treatment allows therapists to transdermally deliver clinically graded products deep into the dermal tissue, breaking down the cellular wall and infusing into the    – Go To Page

From Our Store

Advanced Nutrition Programme™

Advanced Nutrition Programme™

When it comes to healthy skin, what you put inside the body can be as important as what you apply topically. The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is a cutting-edge salon-only range of supplements that supports skincare regimes.

These premium nutraceuticals provide the optimum daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to help maintain vibrant health and glowing skin. Only the finest, purest ingredients are used in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.

Goldsin Jewels

Goldsin Jewels

GoldSin gold and silver jewelry for the body.

Offering a wide array of designs, which means you can find the jewel for every occasion. On top of that the GoldSin skin jewels are completely weightless. That way they will never give you discomfort. GoldSin is literally the bearer of luxury in every way.

Products are made of only the most luxurious materials. The combination of 24K gold or 999 silver with the adhesive components ensures that the GoldSin skin jewels are safe and hypoallergenic. Even the most delicate skin can shine thanks to GoldSin!



A range of home care treatments to be used after our Inno-Peel Professional Treatments.

Jane Iredale®

Jane Iredale®

jane iredale® mineral cosmetics provide flawless coverage while caring for your skin. So effective, the range is used by professional make-up artists and worn by celebrities the world over.

The wide range of products contain no harsh chemicals, artificial dyes or fillers so they can be applied immediately after treatments. Only the highest grade minerals are used, and the natural pigments reflect light to give a gorgeous soft-focus effect.

We hold regular make-up events at Rejuvenate Me where you can enjoy a free makeover and experiment with the latest products from this cult range. We also offer bridal make-up, colour matching and make-up lessons.

JM Ocean

Our products can create a health promoting environment in your home by incorporating the unique elements found in Bama – a city in China where residents are noted to live unusually long and healthy lives with a high percentage of centenarians.

Each of our exclusive products complements each other to deliver improved health through three main channels: Nutrition, Living and Care

Medical Aesthetic Group

Medical Aesthetic Group

Anti Ageing Skin Care and Beauty Products for professional and home use.

Precision Health

Pump & Pout

Pump & Pout

All the age, the beauty product no girl should be without! The Best Lip Gloss, PUMP & POUT has arrived!

With our new lip pumping gloss, we are giving you the opportunity to have luscious, fuller lips, without having to endure the pain of injection fillers.

Yes, it’s TRUE!

The fabulous PUMP & POUT Lip Plumper is taking the industry by storm and, with full control, you can now create the look you have always wanted.

We have 3 gorgeous lip gloss, colours available in Clear, Nude/ Pink and Raspberry. With our pumping lip gloss you can mix up to 3 Pump’s at a time for an Intense Strong Pout to an Ultimate Maximum Pout.

The more you Pump, the more you Pout! What are you waiting for? Order the best lip plumper here now.



The benefits of refined plant extracts, essential oils and sophisticated molecules from scientific technology, resulting in a high performance skin care range. Swissdermyl laboratories use only the most effective ingredients with an affinity for the skin.

Each product is tested using “polysensorial analysis” to ensure the textures are exquisite on the skin. Our creams are like wearing cashmere. The masks are voluptuous to apply. The serums are velvet on the skin and the cleansers are silky light to the touch. Swissdermyl is the application of cosmetic gold!

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