Pump & Pout

Pump & Pout

All the age, the beauty product no girl should be without! The Best Lip Gloss, PUMP & POUT has arrived!

With our new lip pumping gloss, we are giving you the opportunity to have luscious, fuller lips, without having to endure the pain of injection fillers.

Yes, it’s TRUE!

The fabulous PUMP & POUT Lip Plumper is taking the industry by storm and, with full control, you can now create the look you have always wanted.

We have 3 gorgeous lip gloss, colours available in Clear, Nude/ Pink and Raspberry. With our pumping lip gloss you can mix up to 3 Pump’s at a time for an Intense Strong Pout to an Ultimate Maximum Pout.

The more you Pump, the more you Pout! What are you waiting for? Order the best lip plumper here now.

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